We have been working with Olly Hicks and George Bullard preparing for and during their epic crossing from Greenland to Scotland in a two man kayak.

Before they departed the UK at the end of June, we assessed their judgement decision-making to make them more aware of their blind spots in their decision-making. 

We reassessed them again last Sunday after they came ashore to the Faroe Islands in the early hours of Friday morning.

It was very evident that this trip and the four days and four nights crossing the 'Devil's Dance Floor' from Iceland to the Faroe Islands had taken quite a bit out of them. The results of the second assessment had understandably deteriorated. Therefore, it has been crucial for them to rest up properly before their final leg to Scotland. 

Stress and low energy are some of the main contributory factors to poor judgement and decision-making.

We wish them luck for this final leg of an amazingly tough and courageous adventure.