As you will read from the article below, I have been working with Gavan since earlier this year, to help him improve his decision-making when he is building up to and taking part in his next adventures. 

He is starting to make some changes to his decision-making process, as he is now aware of his blind spots. He is also being more reflective after training sessions and some of the preparation he is doing in the build up to his solo transatlantic row in December. This is a real sign of an 'achiever'.

Achievers are competitive people but have the additional add-on of being able to be reflective and analyse back what has gone on. All of this helps towards to improving his 'gut instinct.' 

As an Extreme Solo Adventurer and athlete, Gavan will have to make many decisions on his own and in many cases they will be critical and the difference between life and death. 

We can learn a lot from their decision-making and apply it to the corporate world.