I am pleased to announce that Peak Dynamics is supporting the six-man team of Spear17 from the British Army Reserves who will attempt to ski over 1,100 miles unsupported across the polar continent to the Geographic South Pole. 

Once at the Pole, the team will receive a re-supply of rations and fuel and continue onwards over the Titan Dome, down the Shackleton Glacier and onto the Ross Ice Shelf to complete a full traverse of Antarctica. 

A feat only ever achieved by six people so far.

What have I done with them?

We had a productive day last Friday, where I ran a simulation exercise for them to look at their individual and team decision-making. 

We also analysed their team behaviour, individual judgement decision-making, as well as their hardiness and resilience.

There was a lot that the team took away to reflect on over their final few weeks of training before they depart.

Behaviour and decision-making can be affected by many things, but for the Spear17 team fatigue, stress, altitude, monotony are just some of the factors that they must overcome to make the right decisions and complete their mission.

I work with a lot of extreme adventurers and teams. Not only do they find the training, information and feedback useful, but from our perspective, these are the people where every single decision has to be the correct one, or else it can be fatal.

We can then take a lot of the knowledge we get from working with them and apply it in the corporate world, boardroom and also with elite athletes as well. Likewise, there are learnings from the boardroom that can be applied to extreme adventurers and athletes.