I recently met with Eddie Jones, the current England rugby manager, to discuss how we might be able to help his team with regards to individual and team decision-making and behaviour, having assessed some of the England U20 team who went onto to be crowned World Rugby U20 Championship 2016 winners.

As you can imagine, if you know him or have seen him being interviewed on tv, our meeting was to the point, business-like and no room for waffle.

However, what stood out most from that meeting and still spins round in my head, was one of his questions.

"How does this affect performance?"

Our firm belief and from all the data we have gathered is that good decision-making is critical to every action that a player does on the field of play and off the field or any action that executive, leader or manager does in the boardroom or at their desk.

If we can help in improving the quality of the solution or outcome, however small the decision is, then inevitably it is going to beneficially affect the performance and outcome of that individual and team as well.

Once we have identified the blind spot of an individual as to why they are making bad decisions, we can then apply an intervention coaching programme which can be used by the athlete, coach or executive to make changes.

With individual athletes, we have seen dramatically quick changes. We worked with one England and Lions player who within two weeks was lifting personal bests in the gym and we have seen a professional golfer start to win tournaments after a long barren period.

I use this assessment with the teams I take to the Arctic every year. Normally, I do not know most of the participants, so it helps arm me with vital information as to who might be the people who could make poor decisions or be at risk.

When we work with teams, we see them collectively improve the quality of their decision-making anywhere from 30% up to 50% with only a few hours of coaching. 

Interestingly, only last week, I was having a meeting with the Head of High Performance of a GB Olympic sport, after his return from Rio 2016. What did he ask me during our meeting?

"How does this affect performance?"

Please contact me if you would like to improve your performance or that of your team.