The Montana Programme

Saturday 30th September - Friday 6th October 2017

As part of our efforts to continue to provide new and exciting experiences and expeditions, we are pleased to announce our NEW programme which we will be running in Montana in October 2017.

A once in a lifetime experience all set in the stunning wilderness surrounding Flathead Lake, near the Glacier National Park, Montana.

You’ll have a fun, full-on adventure throughout your stay, and gain essential insight, knowledge and skills to directly improve your communications and leadership effectiveness.

After this week of adventure and experiences with Peak Dynamics you’ll leave Montana:

  • Healthier and with a more positive mindset
  • More confident and able to overcome challenges
  • Better able to face the stresses of life
  • Able to make better decisions
  • Better able to work effectively in a team
  • Communicating better
  • Able to set goals and plan your future

Suitable for all ages

Our Montana programme is suitable for anybody aged between 18-65 years, both male and female. It’s ideal particularly for any parent/child combination. You will need to be relatively fit to carry out the activities, but we would emphasise that this is not some sort of boot camp. The aim is to have fun, to learn something new and to stretch yourself. Above all, we want you to have an amazing experience.

View the Full Itinerary - click here for more detailsIf you are interested to learn more about this amazing experience.