Developing High Performance Teams

This package is designed to provide an insight into a team’s readiness to perform to its potential, taking lessons from Special Forces, Elite Olympic Sports and Extreme Explorers. The programme includes our Judgement Decision-Making assessment and Resilience Assessment for all participants, an introduction to ‘What it Takes to Win’ strategic planning and an interactive, high-performance communication module.  Read More

Elite Goal-Setting

This workshop will challenge Goal Setting within your organisation using techniques deployed in Olympic sports. The session will introduce the concept of ‘What It Takes to Win’, how to develop a ‘hierarchal performance model’ for your organisation as well as how to embed a plan-do-review cycle to help realise your performance goals. Read More

Realising Competitive Advantage

An interactive workshop using the stories behind celebrated sporting successes. The workshop introduces four strategies for competitive advantage: World-class Basics; Maximal Gains; Innovation and Marginal Gains. Read More

'What it Takes to Win'

A high-level strategic programme, that uses the processes that underpin systematic Olympic success through the development of a ‘What it Takes to Win’ model. This deterministic approach will challenge the group to establish the outcomes critical for success that the alignment of services to achieving those results. Read More

Building 'Transition Pathways' in your Organisation'

What it Takes to Transition’ (WIT³) is a framework for understanding how to deliver the most efficient talent pathway or organisation performance transformation. The aim is to challenge established thinking within an organisation and inform selection/recruitment and professional development to deliver right knowledge, attitudes skills, experiences at the right time. Read More

High Performance Leadership

This workshop is designed for managers and future leaders. We will teach you the Peak 12 key traits of leadership and success. These proven traits have been successful in professional sports, the military and in the corporate world. Read More

Optimising Decision-Making for Teams and Individuals

This programme is designed to accurately observe what the quality of the decision-making is like in individuals and teams in an organisation. It will highlight where the blind spots are in an individual’s decision-making and how they are to overcome them. We see some spectacular improvement in individuals and teams with this programme.Human values can be revealed in what we believe, what we feel and what we say. However, the most important manifestation of our values is the choices we make, the decisions we make. In some circumstances, those decisions can be very binary.We assess and design strategies and programmes for teams to work together more effectively and achieve synergy. We ensure that their interactive efforts have a greater impact than the sum of their individual efforts. Read More

Leadership Development

In many cases, leadership is not taught to the appointed leader, whether that is in an office or on the field of play. They are simply promoted to the position. Some have the natural, innate leadership traits but for many, the subtle skills of leadership need to be taught. Through our coaching programme, we strengthen the thinking, decision-making and style of behaviour of the leader using our Peak 12 Leadership traits. Read More

Fit for Purpose Culture Workshop

This one-day workshop will take you through what is culture, what can cause a good and bad culture in your organisation; how effective is the culture in your organisation and what should the right culture be in your organisation for every function and person to be effective. Read More

Culture Audit of Your Organisation

Our organisational culture audit starts with a bespoke cross-sectional assessment of your organisation. This can be defined by you, for example – the cultural differences between gender, geographic location, position in the organisation, time served. We can assess up to a maximum of 5,000 people at any one time. The audit analytically displays and defines each of the sub-cultures as well as the overall culture. It helps identify where there may be an issue with culture. From there, we design a ‘culture change’ programme to bring about a culture shift. We then reassess the culture after a suitable period of time. Read More