As lockdowns ease, many companies are in various stages of a physical return to the workplace. A survey in July 2021 by McKinsey suggested: "some 52% of C-suite executives surveyed espoused an almost full return to the office, with employees on-site four days per week".

Team Cohesion has worsened

As the pandemic dragged on during 2020 and 2021, staff member's sense of belonging and social connections suffered, especially among new employees. Interactions between teams became increasingly difficult via remote calls on Zoom or Teams. They started to become quite siloed. Many women have left the workforce during this time, widening the gender gap. Mental-health issues, grief, anxiety and burnout, are on the rise, reflecting a decline in the informal and intimate human connections that often occur in the workplace.

Increased interest in experiential development

Going into lockdown in 2020 and coming out of it in 2021, we were and are running more experiential team cohesion off-sites, bringing teams together again in a physical form, improving team communication and cross-team cooperation. It is a chance to break down any team silos built up during the lockdowns. But above all, our off-site allow team members to just chat to each other informally. 

Its time to rebuild your teams

So combining our leadership development skills and experience guiding teams on trips and adventures all around the world, we are now rebuilding team happiness, mental wellbeing, confidence, improved communication, decision-making, performance, efficiency, togetherness and a focus on a clear vision to take the organisation to the next level. For those who like them, we can run 'Return and Transition into Work' assessments and reports. It is time to rebuild your team cohesion in slightly different working conditions.

Having some fun as a team

We also make it fun and preferably do it in an outdoor environment, where everybody can benefit from fresh air and healthy exercise. It is amazing seeing the impact.