Since Covid, many of your staff and teams may now ‘Work From Home’ some of the time and do not work together in the same office as often as they did before the pandemic.

Is this causing you a problem? 

Are you only seeing your staff for about 2 1/2 days a week?

Do you think there could be more cohesion between team members and other teams within your organisation?

Team cohesion is a primary determinant of employee engagement. 

The percentage of employees disengaged at work under normal circumstances usually is around 70%. But in the wake of COVID-19, this number has increased for many reasons. 

Increasing team cohesion naturally helps boost employee engagement by creating positive relationships, team goals, and shared values that increase commitment. In some workplaces, this cohesion is not happening naturally. True success comes from being part of a cohesive team and business. We can see that most evidently in sports teams, where their work environment is very binary - win or lose. 

The aim is to get your teams to perform optimally, where each member is concerned with team success rather than solely individual recognition.

Benefits of team training to you and your teams

  • Improved team cohesion
  • Better cross-team collaboration and cooperation
  • Improved communication between individuals and teams
  • Improved cohesion within the whole of your business
  • Staff members will get to know more about each other
  • Increased business success
  • Increased work satisfaction and self-esteem
  • Decreased anxiety

Interestingly, we have seen more demand for this service since Covid-running team cohesion events and awaydays, where we use various exercises and techniques to bring cohesion back into the workplace. 

It does work, and it brings positive results on all fronts. We can develop the programme to suit your requirements. And we can do it all in a fantastic location.

We are experienced in team cohesion events

I have experience running team cohesion programmes for teams and enterprises. Over the past few years, they have ranged from helping teams knit together before going on to break world records rowing across the Atlantic; walking across Antarctica; working with Red Bull athletes on a ‘Performance Under Pressure’ camp in the US; to pre-season training with a top English Premier League club.

I have also run a NextGen Family Gathering in a remote mountainous European location and a ‘personal development programme in the mountains of North Vietnam.

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Team Cohesion